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10 Luxury Bags I Sold & Why

As much as I love collecting bags often my expectations for them are not met or I change my mind about them. I used to be very scared about selling bags in my collection because I had the mindset that "I could need that one day". So after a few years of only collecting and never parting ways with any bags, I came up with a new rule: If a bag has been sitting in my closet untouched for over 6 months, it's time to let it go.

I also want to make it clear that what didn't work for me could be something that works for you! Everyone's needs and style is different. If any of these bags are in your collection and you use them often, that's truly amazing! I do not mean to offend anyone with what I will share today. I'm simply sharing my own personal experience when it comes to these bags I list below.

Most of the time I had to part ways with these bags because of functionality, color choice or material. Let's talk more in depth about which bags I sold & why...

Dior Monogram Saddle Bag

I jumped on the Dior Saddle bag trend before it really blew up. I got myself a preloved one from Fashionphile before Dior made the saddle bags come back. This bag initially meant to much to me, because of my love for the tv show series Sex & the City and how this was one of Carrie's statement bags. I got it for myself around the time I learned I would be moving to NYC as a way to congratulate myself.

I did get great use out of it for the first two years I had it. I used it constantly whether I was going out for grocery shopping or for a night out. The shape of the bag did prevent me from putting larger objects than a wallet in it but that didn't bother me... until two years later. I started becoming very frustrated that nothing was fitting in the bag. This was also around the time I was discovering that I don't necessarily enjoy shoulder bags (like some other on this list). So I finally decided to part ways with it after not reaching for it for a few months.

Valentino Rockstud Glam Lock Bag

I really loved this bag a lot. It was a color I didn't have in my collection before and I found it surprisingly easy to style with jeans, dresses and even gym wear. I love that the studs on it give the bag an edge, despite the calming pastel color. My biggest problem with this bag was that the leather was so delicate, it would cause many scratches with the smallest impact. The second deal breaker was the hardware. If you know me you also know that I have a thing for silver hardware only and this bag had very visible gold hardware. When I finally decide to let it go, I hadn't used it in over a year.

Louis Vuitton Black Mylockme Chain Bag

This bag was one of the first I added to my luxury bag collection. I love the classic look of it, the different ways you can wear it, and the size of it. It was bigger than most of my bags at the time. I used it a lot... until I got myself a Chanel black medium flap. Then I realized I wasn't reaching for it anymore. It had a very similar structure and size to my medium flap. Both black, one small pocket inside, both similar chain that allowed crossbody and shoulder wear, and the similar turn lock opening... Needless to say more, I sold it pretty much the month I got my medium flap. Unlike some of the other bags I sold, I have no regrets about selling this one.

Chanel Black Caviar Mini Vanity

My heart still hurts over the fact that I sold this bag but I had to. Even though I am still so obsessed with it and think about buying it again, the fact that my phone did not fit into it, was a deal breaker. I am okay with bags only fitting wallet and keys but a phone must fit too. Anything else, I can live with. Plus, I couldn't really figure out a safe way to make the chain shorter to use it as a top handle bag. I had purchased chain clips on Amazon that help shorten the straps. I do use these exact clips for my wallet on chain too but the strap is much thinner on the mini vanity. The clips were damaging the straps when I clipped them on. So I decided this bag wasn't very practical. I sold it to fund another bag I wanted and use much more.

Balenciaga Small City Bag

I have used this bag a lot. But, I don't regret selling it. It is a very durable bag that I didn't have to baby when using. I even used it during the pouring rain many times and didn't see any damage to it. I wore it when I was traveling, on vacation, running errands and even going out. I loved that it came with the little mirror that was attached to the bag, the color was beautiful and it was pretty casual but after a while I started to become really bored of it. I tried different ways to fall in love with it again but it just wasn't working. I think by the time I sold it I hadn't used it in a year. Now they came out with even a smaller version that's in the shape of a crescent called Le Cagole. I really thought about buying it but I think I learned from my previous mistakes and will try to stay away from this trend.

Louis Vuitton

Damier Azur Pochette Accesories

I honestly probably wouldn't have sold this bag if it was in the classic brown monogram pattern. The fact that it was so white made me feel very scared to use it. Over the course of me having this bag for two+ years, I probably used it only 3 times. I always kept it in it's dust bag and only wore it with similar outfits. This felt very restraining. The point when I decided to sell it, is when I took it out from its dust bag to wear it and I saw that the bag had turned slightly yellow. I learned later on that this is common with the damier azur leather. So, this was another bag that had to go before it was too late.

Chanel Blue Wallet on Chain

This is one of those bags that I didn't want to sell but I also didn't find myself using it much. I originally bought it because I thought it would be perfect to wear with jeans. Then, the pandemic happened and I stopped wearing jeans. So you see why I had to sell... I also still own another wallet on chain from Chanel so it felt very redundant. Why have two different colors of the same bag when I can instead get another style I want more? But regardless, wallet on a chain is a great first bag to have from Chanel. I think everyone that's starting their luxury bag collection, should have at least one in their wardrobe.

Prada Saffiano Small Galleria Bag

Ah, this was such a cute bag. I loved it during the time I had it. It fit just enough and had two zipper compartments which made it perfect to store my passport or other documents when I was traveling. And because of the saffiano leather it was very very durable. BUT, the bag sit very weird on me when I wore it crossbody due to the structure of the two handles on it. It kept swinging around and that made me super uncomfortable. As much as I loved this bag, I started to never reach for it. Of course, another reason was the fact that the hardware was gold and that was bothering me like many other bags in this list. Regardless, as much as this bag made my heart happy, I didn't find it to be functional. I don't think I would buy it again.

Stella McCartney Falabella Bag

I was very sad to sell this bag, not only because it was one of the biggest bags in my collection at the time but also because one of the first luxury bags I ever owned. The problem was that the chain straps were SO heavy, after wearing it for only 20 minutes I would be left with huge red marks around my shoulders and neck. I did my best to use it as much as I can during the time I had it. Apart from the weight, it was a great travel and errands bag. If the chains weren't so heavy, I would maybe considering adding another one to my collection one day.

Chanel Tweed East West Flap

I still think about this rare gem I had in my collection. It was the perfect shoulder bag/ clutch (when the chain was tucked in). It was also the first Chanel bag I ever owned. I still remember feeling so proud that I owned this bag. I decided to sell it because like the Louis Vuitton mylockme bag, I stopped using it after I got my Chanel classic flap. On top of that, because it was tweed, the bag was delicate. So after not using it for months, I decided to sell it. Do I regret it? Yes. Would I buy it again? Probably not but I can't say for sure.

What are your thoughts when it comes to selling bags from your collection? Are you also hesitant thinking you might need it one day or do you find it easy to sell bags you don't use? Share with me in the comments below. :)

If you want me to make another post on where I buy & sell preloved items, please do let me know!

As always, follow me on IG @sippingmycosmo for more fashion and lifestyle related posts. Hope you enjoyed learning more about why I sold some bags and the reasons behind it.

See you next time!

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