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My 2021 Luxury Bag Collection

I originally wanted to share this post towards the end of 2021 however, between traveling, spending time with family and catching Covid, I didn't have enough time to finish this post. I figured I should probably go over my 2021 Luxury Bag Collection before I cross off anything from my 2022 Wishlist (spoiler alert: some already might have been crossed off... oops)!

Before adding anything new to my collection, I always think about what I currently have and if there's anything I haven't reached for in a while that I should be thinking about letting go of. I'm creating this post in the hopes that whether you're just starting your luxury bag collection or thinking about adding new pieces to it, you can also slow down with me for a second and think about what kind of bags does your wardrobe need, would you actually get good use out of the bags you are thinking of getting & if you have anything similar already.

There will be 3 questions for each bag I'm going to be talking about today:

  • What made me get this bag?

  • Cost per wear?

  • Was it worth it?

In the end, I will be talking about which bags I want to add to my luxury collection in 2022. Another spoiler alert: If you've been following me for a while, you might be surprised to see what's on my radar at the moment.

ps: if you notice a bag I used to share a lot on IG but don't see on this list, it's very possible I either parted ways with and gave it to a family member, sold it to a preloved consignment store. If you want me to make another post on selling/buying preloved items, please do let me know!

Alright... Let's get on with the list.

Chanel Satin Quilted Mini Rectangle Chocolate Bar Black Camellia Flap:

What a long name for such a tiny bag!

What made me get this bag? Everyone needs a great mini bag that will barely fit their phone... right?? Jokes aside, this really is the perfect night out/date night bag.

Cost per wear for me: I have only been able to wear it 5-10 times since adding it to my collection this summer but I do see myself wearing it a lot in the future.

Was it worth it?

Yes. This is my go to bag for dinner dates. It fits all my essentials such as wallet, keys, phone, make up & a little more. Another great feature is when I keep the chain inside the bag, I am able to use it as a clutch for fancy events because the satin makes it even more elegant.

Chanel Lambskin Quilted Black Medium Double Flap:

What made me get this bag? This was my ultimate dream bag (...until I got it. Now it's a Birkin 25 ...oops). I have wanted this bag for over 10 years until it was finally mine. And I really needed a crossbody bag that would fit more than just the daily essentials.

Cost per wear for me: I have seriously worn this bag a lot. I wear it to run errands, spend a day in the city, go to events, dinner dates, & more.

Was it worth it?

Oh, yes! Not only this bag has so much sentimental value for me but I was super lucky to get it for such an amazing preloved price. I genuinely think if I had to keep only one bag in my collection, this would be it.

Chanel Metallic Silver 225 Reissue Flap:

What made me get this bag? I wanted a silver medium flap ever since I first laid my eyes on one. However, I've also been wanting a reissue. When I saw this flap on the preloved market I knew it was perfect for me. It's another bag that does fit more than just my daily essentials & I love it.

Cost per wear for me: I can't really say I wore this bag enough to have gotten my money's worth but this bag will forever be in my collection & eventually it will have been worth it cost per wear wise. I know some might think it's silly to have two "medium" flaps from Chanel but I do think they are both useful for different occasions so I don't see it as a redundant purchase.

Was it worth it? Yes yes yes. This is another bag I managed to find at such an amazing preloved price. The fact that the color is screaming "look at me" but there is no visible branding on it makes me love it even more. I don't ever see myself parting ways with it.

Chanel Tweed Patchwork Jumbo Single Flap:

What made me get this bag? Ever since Blair Waldorf wore this exact bag in Gossip Girl, I've been obsessed!! I sometimes need a bag bigger than what I usually tend to go for. This flap fits a lot and it's not as heavy as a leather Jumbo double flap is.

Cost per wear for me: I have only worn this bag about 5-6 times since I got it. I really should wear it much more but when I do need to carry bigger items, this bag really comes handy.

Was it worth it? Yes. Everyone should have one Jumbo flap in their closet. Big bags are coming back!!! You'll say I said so.

Chanel Quilted Lambskin Pink Wallet on Chain (WOC):

What made me get this bag? I love the WOC. It's the perfect bag that fits all my daily essentials. Whether you wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag, it's more than versatile. Makes my heart happy every time I see this bag.

Cost per wear for me: Okay... I admit. I do have to wear this bag more. I am a little scared of color transfer so I try to wear it with light colored outfits which I don't have much of in my closet at the moment.

Was it worth it? Yes. The perfect errand/date night bag! And the fact that it was a gift from Kevin makes it much more special to me.

Black Prada Re-edition 2005 Nylon Bag:

What made me get this bag? This is the only bag in my collection that is weather resistant and I really needed a bag that didn't need babying. I have a full review post on this bag if you are interested.

Cost per wear for me: I wore it so so much that the cost per wear is probably 10 cents at this point. I cannot even begin to explain how many different ways you can wear this bag.

Was it worth it? 1000%. So versatile, so classic, so practical. Definitely, one of the best purchases I ever made.

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26:

I mean... does this even count as a bag? I guess I will include it in the list because I do use this pouch as a clutch from time to time.

What made me get this bag? I needed something I wouldn't need to baby often and I didn't have any clutches at the moment. This "bag" truly fits a lot so it was a win win for me. Since it's a toiletry pouch, I also stuff it with a lot of products when I'm traveling so it saves space in my luggage!

Cost per wear for me: I did get good use out of this bag and still continue to do so. I'm even considering adding an insert so I can use it as a shoulder bag.

Was it worth it? Not so much compared to the rest of the bags in my collection because I don't tend to reach for it as much... but yes. I use this bag as a clutch for date nights, as a catchall in bigger bags or even as a beach bag so it is very versatile.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Pochette:

What made me get this bag? I was so obsessed with this cute bag for so long. The fact that it was almost impossible to find at some point really made me constantly searching for it. I use this bag not only during dinner dates but also to run quick errands. My phone might not fit in it but it does fit all my essentials and that's enough for me. Similar to the toiletry pouch, I also use this as a catchall in bags often. Very versatile!!

Cost per wear for me: I have and will continue to wear this bag a lot. So yes, I did get good use out of it.

Was it worth it? Yes. Just grab and go! Perfect for running errands for sure. Although the price did increase $300 since I got it. So would I get it again? Can't really say for sure...

Hermès Etain/Noir Herbag 31:

What made me get this bag? I really wanted this bag because it is the perfect casual "Kelly". It fits so much, the back pocket is super useful and it looks so chic with every outfit.

Cost per wear for me: Well considering it's only been 2 months since I got this bag, I need to work on using it more but that won't be an issue!!

Was it worth it? Yes. So underrated and fits so so much. The only flaw is how hard it is to open and close the bag but I've come to accept it.

(Herbag is on the right in the picture)

Hermès Kelly Pochette:

What made me get this bag? The ultimate Hermes bag for me. It's so so cute, fits more than Mini Kelly does and it's so unique. It's perfect to use as a clutch for events or date nights.

Cost per wear for me: ...another bag I do have to wear more often. This is kind of an "occasion bag" for me. The fact that you have to carry it in your hand at all times does make it a little difficult to use but I am glad it's part of my collection.

Was it worth it? Yes! Next...

Hermès Gold Kelly 32:

What made me get this bag? I have been obsessed with smaller Kelly's for years like K25, K20 but ever since I started to use this one, I cannot believe how much I love the size. It's perfect to wear during a casual day in the city or even when traveling. I also really wanted a bag I could detach the strap from and use as a top handle bag. So this one was perfect.

Cost per wear for me: I do need to wear this bag more often but I'm not worried about that. It will be in my collection for years and years. Truly a timeless classic.

Was it worth it? Yes! Absolutely flawless.

Hermès Picotin:

I have recently made a full review on this bag. You can read it here!

What made me get this bag? Too many reasons to count here. Check out my review for this one ;)

Cost per wear for me: This is another new bag in my collection but even in the three weeks I had it, I wore it almost every time I left the house.

Was it worth it? Yes. So casual yet edgy. The black hardware makes it so special for me. And it fits much more than you would think!

2022 Bag Wishlist

I hope you enjoyed getting to know what's currently in my collection and the reasons why I picked these bags.

Let's also briefly talk about what I'm hoping to get by the end of 2022 in terms of luxury handbags.

Hermès Picotin 18:

This bag was at the top of my 2022 Wishlist. I have been hunting for it since early 2021.

Unexpectedly I was able to cross it out just a month ago. It was a great way to start the year! I truly hope I can find the rest of my "long" 2022 Wishlist by the end of this year. 😂

Hermès Evelyne 16 (TPM):

I am not fully sure on which color I want this bag to be in... yet! I'm thinking any color in the grey/brown/cream family or a rich dark green.

The only thing I have decided for sure is the color of the hardware. You might have noticed but I prefer silver/palladium hardware over gold hardware.

What made me want to get this bag?

It's super easy to use. The fact that you can change the strap is a big deal for me. I can easily transform this bag into a shoulder bag. Versatile bags truly excite me! I also see myself using this bag on different occasions: to grocery shopping to a night out to going to the movies to traveling. I definitely need this bag in my collection! And when I do, there will be a review so we can discuss if it's worth adding to your collection or not.

Hermès Evelyne III 29 (PM):

I know. I want the same bag in two different sizes??? Well... the size difference is so drastic that it makes this bag vs Evelyne 16 so different for me.

I really want this bag in black but I do have too much black bags in my collection already... So I'm leaning towards a dark tone of grey with palladium hardware for this one. But again, I will keep you updated and share which color I go with.

What made me want to get this bag?

Evelyne 29 is even more casual compared to Evelyne 16. I see it as being the perfect travel/ errand bag. I also don't have many big bags in my collection so I do need something that will fit more than what most of my bags can fit. The best part is the fact that the strap is adjustable so it will be easy to wear it crossbody and as a shoulder bag.

...yup! that's it. Considering I have added 3-4 or so Chanel bags to my collection alone last year, this is a small list. It's partly because I am happy with my current bag collection but also because I want to focus more on fine jewelry this year. Anyway, we can discuss my jewelry Wishlist in a future post.

What bags are on your 2022 Wishlist? Share with me in the comments below!

Want to stay connected? Follow me on IG @sippingmycosmo as that's where I first share my new additions!

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