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How to Store, Take Care & Clean Your Luxury Bags

I often get asked how I store, take care & clean of my luxury bags. After trying out a few different methods, I think I found few that work for me well. Since my collection mostly consists of Chanel and Hermès bags, my answer on how I store/maintain these bags will be mostly tailored to the shape & leather what I have in my collection. However, essentially the tips I mention here can be applied to any other luxury bag as well.

ps: I want to put a disclaimer that none of the links and products I shared in this post are sponsored. I am sharing them because I genuinely enjoy using them.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to this topic so I divided it into 3 sections: storage, maintenance and some additional tips & tricks.


I will first share the general storage rule I follow with all my hand bags and then go more in depth about specific bags that might need additional storage tricks.

I store my bag collection in a cool place where there is not direct sunlight. I also make sure no bag is touching the other one to prevent color transfer. I tuck in straps/take them off from bags where the strap can be taken off (such as Hermès mini Evelyne) to prevent any potential markings from the chains to the leather.

The most important storage tip in my opinion, is stuffing. I make sure each bag is stuffed with either a bag pillow/ air pillow or a small soft towel/shirt. Just make sure when stuffing your bags you are not overdoing it which can cause the leather to potentially stretch over time.

Additionally, I have a very curious cat so I cannot display my bags anymore. I have to keep them on shelves inside my closet. I also shy away from using products like plastic/glass display boxes because your bags need to breathe. Lastly, a lot of people do recommend storing bags in their dust bags but I don't feel the need to since they are already in my closet and I want to prevent mold.

  • Chanel Classic Flaps/Reissue Flaps: I used to store these types of bags upright. But after talking to Leather Surgeons about how I can store classic flaps better, I learned that when they are stored on their sides it will prevent the bottom corners from sagging. So for a while I will store them on their left side, and after a few weeks I will switch. I also make sure when the chains are tucked in, they are wrapped in either tissue paper or some sort of small towel to prevent markings on the leather.

  • Chanel Wallet on Chain: I store these types of bags upright. This is to prevent any of the quilts to loose their puffiness. I always keep the chain inside the bag.

  • Hermès Birkin: I store Birkins laying flat on their backs. Especially for larger retourne style Birkins, there can be sagging on the bottom when stored upright.

  • Hermès Kelly/Herbag: I store Kelly/Herbag style bags upright. I also take off the strap of Kelly bags and keep it inside the bag.

  • Hermès Evelyne: To prevent any sort of sagging on the bottom, the best way to store Evelyne bags of all size is to lay it flat on its back. For larger Evelyne bags, I would also make sure it's stuffed or has a bag organizer inside. If you have the space to do so, you can also hang these bags from their straps.

  • Hermès Picotin: I store my Picotin on its legs. I make sure to always keep it stuffed with the air pillows it came with when I'm not using it. Since this bag usually comes in Clemence leather, it is quite soft so storing without any stuffing might cause the shape to loosen over time.

Travel Storage

I wasn't sure if I should include how I pack my luxury bags when I travel but since I was asked this question a few times before, I thought I would. I always keep my valuable bags/shoes/jewelry in my carry on. If a bag cannot fit in my carry on, I simply do not take it with me when I travel.

I make sure each bag is stuffed and in its own dust bag. If I don't have enough stuffing or sometimes need more storage space, I stuff bags with socks/soft bras etc.



I never do any conditioning or application to my Hermès bags because if a service is needed I know I can just take them to the Hermès spa.

But a product I really trust especially when it comes to Chanel bags is Cadillac Select Leather Lotion Cleaner and Conditioner. My classic medium flap was preloved and from 2008. When I first got it I thought it didn't look as bright and puffy so I used this conditioner on the bag and it brought life back to it.

I do have to mention, do not directly apply this on your bags. Always apply it first to a microfiber cloth, dab it a little, then apply to your bags.

Water Proofing

This is something I actually never did before but see people do often. The reason why I haven't done so is because I always check the weather before I leave the house and make sure the bags/shoes I wear are weather proof if it's raining.

But I did want to mention it in case you are interested in water proofing your bags. A product I see many bag lovers use is the Apple Brand - Garde Rain & Stain Repellent spray.

Additional Tips & Tricks:

Bag Inserts/Organizers

These products are great if either you bag is made from a soft leather and could use additional support or if your bag is one big pit (like the Picotin) so you need a way to organize your items better. Some great bag organizer brands I have purchased from/would recommend is Samorga, 7 Rue Paradis & Zoomoni.

Base Shapers

This is a product solely for Chanel Wallet on Chains but I had to mention it because it changed my life. These little base shapers go on the base of your WOC and make the bag twice as big. It also helps hold the bag's shape better. I got my WOC base shaper from Luxstina. You can find different ones on Amazon though. The pictures below show the difference the base shaper makes.

Chain Clips/Buckles

This is another trick I mainly use for my Chanel Wallet on Chain but as long as the chain allows it, it can be used for other bags as well. I'm 5'2 and like to wear my bags around hip height. So the WOC is pretty long for me. Using these chain clips help me shorten the strap to my liking when wearing crossbody. To put it on, I simply place it around the strap from the inside. See the picture below to see how I place it.

I had the same strap length problem for my Hermès Mini Evelyne. The strap was simply too long for my liking and unfortunately the strap for this bag is not adjustable. So I found these chain buckles to create my own adjustable strap. To do this I watched this YouTube video which explains how to do it pretty well.

Microfiber Cloth

Especially for my lambskin bags, I always keep a small microfiber cloth inside the bag because if a small scratch happens, you can always buff it out with these cloths (or with your fingers). I was able to prevent many big scratches from my Chanel lambskin flap this way.

If these tips I share feel like too much work for you, you can always store your bags the Chiara Ferragni way (no hate here. i love chiara and her amazing bag collection) - but I wouldn't recommend it as I'm not sure how the structure of your bags will hold up after a few years.

I hope you enjoyed this post where I shared with you how I store, take care & clean my luxury bag collection.

As always if you have any additional questions, feel free to share with me in the comments below or to send me a DM on Instagram @sippingmycosmo where I share fashion related posts daily!!!

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The Career Edit
The Career Edit
Jan 14, 2023

These tips and the links to products are so helpful, thank you for sharing! I was in search of a good leather conditioner. Also, I love that you are careful with how you store the bags; I think it's the most important part to keep them looking good for a long time.

Enjoy all your bags! 😍 B from The Career Edit |


Hulya Kalyoncu
Hulya Kalyoncu
May 01, 2022


May 01, 2022
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