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Chanel Classic Flap Review: Is It Really Worth It?

When you think about the ultimate luxury bag, what comes to your mind? For me, it's the most timeless, classic & elegant bag of all times: the Chanel classic flap. I know there is some controversy surrounding this bag. Some think it's the must have bag, some don't like the price tag it comes with and some even think it looks like "my grandma's bag"...

Ever since I created my fashion Instagram account and started sharing my looks/bag collection, this bag has been one of the most asked about in my collection. And the most frequent question is always "Is it worth getting it?". So today, I'm going to be reviewing my classic medium double flap and talk about if I think adding a Chanel classic flap to your collection is worth it.

The bag in the pictures above is my beloved lambskin black medium double flap bag in the quilted pattern with silver hardware. This bag was made in 2008 & I bought it preloved. It's been with me since early 2019.

Now, let's dig in to cost, functionality, wear & more...


The classic medium flap currently retails for $8,800 plus tax.

Even though lambskin and caviar bags retail for the same price, the price might vary for other leathers the flap comes in. For example, there is currently an embroidered tweed model that retails for $10,300 plus tax.

Keep in mind that Chanel does increase their prices a few times a year, so if anything is on your wish list, it's best to purchase it as soon as possible. This also applies to the preloved market. With every price increase, the price for these bags on the preloved market increases as well.

I personally think Chanel bags made before 2009 hold their quality better & I cannot justify spending $10k on a Chanel bag. Therefore, like this black medium flap, if I were to add another Chanel bag to my collection, it would most likely be preloved.


Chanel classic bags are very versatile. You can wear the medium flap in few different ways. You can wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag. You can wear it with single or double strap. You can also tuck the chain inside the bag and wear it as a clutch.

On top of that, the medium flap does fit quite a bit of things. I am able to fit a small agenda, sunglasses case, wallet, keys, my phone & a few make up products.

I find myself reaching for this bag quite a lot. It really can go with any outfit in my wardrobe. I wear to grocery shopping, going to the movies, going to events or even when traveling.


The medium flap can come in a wide range of colors. These colors and their tones heavily depend on the season but classic colors like black can be found in any season. For example, a red from this season might not be the same red as the next one. So, if you find a tone of red you really love, I would highly advise you to get your hands on it before it's sold out.

I think this is the perfect place to also talk about one of the most popular questions about the classic flap: "Do I go for Caviar or Lambskin?". Yes, the lambskin leather is quite delicate. Compared to caviar, lambskin does scratch more easily. You do need to be mindful of the bag when you're wearing it to make sure it doesn't rub against any harsh surfaces. When wearing light color lambskin bags, color transfer is also another thing to be mindful about. The good news is, as long as the scratch is not too deep and you notice it soon after it happens, you can buff it out with a microfiber cloth or even with your fingers.

On the other hand, caviar bags especially in black is very easy to use. It's more scratch resistant and color transfer is not an issue. The down side is, if there are scratches, you cannot buff it out with your fingers.

The reason why I went for lambskin is simply because I think lambskin bags look more elegant than caviar. But then again when it comes to Chanel, I always prefer lambskin. So when someone asks me which leather to go for, I struggle to answer. It just depends on personal preference and your lifestyle. Which look do you like more? Do you need something more carefree? Which leather makes your heart beat faster?


The classic flap currently comes in Small, Medium, Jumbo (Large) and Maxi. The mini (extra mini, rectangle mini or square mini) flap is not considered a classic flap.

If you are between Small and Medium, I would highly recommend medium as the price between the two model is "only" $600 before tax at the moment. So you get more material for your money plus the medium flap does fit more. But again, it's all up to your personal preference and how you want this bag to look on you.


My medium flap is from 2008 which means it's already 14 years old. For a bag this old that's been worn very often, I would say it still looks amazing. There are some small visible scratches on the interior and exterior but they don't bother me. As you can see from the pictures, the corners are still in amazing shape as well, the serial number is intact & the puffiness of the quilts is better even than some flaps that are released today.


Some Chanel bag models are becoming more and more difficult to obtain these days. Especially a gold hardware mini flap but it is possible to get any bag from the boutique. Check different stores!

Where to purchase:

You can purchase Chanel bags directly from a boutique. If there isn't one near you, department stores like Neiman Marcus do carry Chanel bags.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase any Chanel bags from their online store. But, you are able to place orders via phone as long as you have prior purchase history from any Chanel store in the US.


Chanel classic flap is one of the most timeless & elegant bags of all times. It truly goes with every outfit. You can wear it down with sweat pants or dress it up with a little black dress.

One of the most amazing features about the classic flap is that it comes in many different sizes, colors and leathers. It can also come in a quilted or chevron pattern. The possibilities are limitless.

The only down side I can think of about the classic flap is the price tag it comes with. It is quite expensive so I would encourage you to go to one of the boutiques and try it on first. It's a lot of money to be spending on one bag if you're not 100% sure about it.

So my honest verdict? It is worth it!! BUT it would be smart to keep an eye out on the preloved store as well. You can sometimes find one in amazing condition for half the price. It's all about being at the right website at the right time.

Do you already own a classic flap? If not, would you add one to your collection? Share with me in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this review. As always, feel free to ask anything in the comments. Want me to talk about a specific topic? Let me also know in the comments below!!

ps: connect with me on IG @sippingmycosmo or subscribe to my blog to stay updated on upcoming posts.

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1 Comment

Shannon Thompson
Shannon Thompson
Apr 10

Hello, I just came across this article so I thought I'd comment even though it has been some time since you posted. I have the same bag as you except it was made in 2006. It is black, silver hardware, quilted. I bought it preloved. I would have a hard time paying retail with all the price increases. The only thing I would change if I could is the length of the strap. I cannot really wear it cross-body without it looking absurdly short. I plan to keep it as long as I live. Thank you for the great article!

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