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Merandi Review: Thai Silk Luxury Inserts for Hermes Bags

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Merandi is a newly founded Thai brand that exclusively makes inserts for Hermes bags. Their inserts are handcrafted to order and made from fine Thai silk. Even though the brand was only founded in 2021, I can already say that they are one of the most well researched bag insert companies I have ever come across of.

At the moment, Merandi offers inserts for 4 sizes of Birkin, 6 sizes of Kelly and 4 sizes of Lindy. However, stay tuned because inserts for Picotin, Constance & Bolide are coming November of 2022.

Their inserts not only help organize what's inside the bags but also to maintain the shape of the bags. Prior to using Merandi inserts, I always needed to stuff my Kelly bags but now these inserts beautifully hold the shape of my bags when I'm not using them. This will definitely help for easier storage as I won't have to stuff and unstuff my bags anymore.

Merandi has sent me two bag inserts for my two Kelly bags in exchange for me to do an honest review on them.

The two bag inserts I received are from the After Hours collection which features more winter shades compared to the Natura collection which has a more summery tone.

Both the Kelly 32 (in the Bordeaux color) and the Kelly Pochette (in the Whiskey color) inserts have similar designs, but they differ in some features that I will be going over.

They have also sent me two dehumidifier bags that come in their own silk packages. The brand is mindful of sustainability whether if it's about sourcing their silks or choosing packaging for their shipments. These dehumidifier bags are no different. Merandi is encouraging their customers to reuse these silk packages for different purposes as well, such as using them as a lipstick cases later on.

Alright! Let's get right into pricing, quality & more...

Kelly 32 Insert:

As soon as I unboxed the Kelly 32 insert, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful & rich red tone of it.


The Kelly 32 insert retails for $179.


The insert is made from fine Thai silk. These inserts are dust and water repellent which is important because accidents can happen.


I am very grateful to Kate & Grace (founders of Merandi) for doing their research and finding the perfect dimensions for the Kelly insert. There is no doubt they put a lot of thought into each aspect of these inserts. I have tried two other bag organizer brands before for my Kelly bag and was very disappointed to see that the inserts were not only very difficult to place inside the bag, but also felt like over time they would stretch the leather. On the other hand, Merandi inserts fit like a glove. There is no stress to the leather nor is the insert too small.


The Kelly 32 insert has a zipped pocket, key hook and 3 compartments. However, before placing your order, you are able to customize the insert further and request additional pockets like a bottle holder or to take out some of the compartments. You can also request your insert to be without any hardware.

I haven't come across another brand that gives you so many customization options before.

Color Options:

This is another aspect where Merandi shows how much they care about their customers. They offer an amazing range of colors because they want you to have fun with the process of picking an interesting colored insert for you bag. The colors available on their website at the moment range from light pink to white to green. You can also place a custom order and discuss further color options.

In terms of color transfer between the insert and the bags, Merandi promises that these inserts do not cause any color transfer.

Shipping Time:

On their website, Merandi asks to allow 7-10 days for the production since the inserts are handcrafted to order. If you want to know the specific estimated shipping time for your order, they have added this information on their website as well. I have received my shipment within 10 days of confirming the order.

See the below pictures for the fit of the K32 insert. There is no stress to the leather. The insert fits so well, it's almost impossible to tell there is one inside.

Kelly Pochette Insert:

Kelly Pochette usually comes in swift leather, like mine is. This leather is very soft and scratches with every little impact. Even though I used my Kelly Pochette only 10-15 times, the interior is already majorly scratched. I am very grateful that with this new insert I will be able to protect the inside of my bag moving forward.


This insert is also made from fine Thai silk. However, to create the iridescent look as seen in the pictures above, they have weaved contrasting colors of thread.


I am very satisfied with how this insert fits. It slides in very easily. The insert also doesn't take up too much space. This bag is very small to begin with but I am able to fit the same amount of items as before.


The Pochette insert has 3 compartments. This style of insert doesn't come with a zipped pocket or key hook. This is perfect because the bag is already too small and the 3 compartments will be useful to keep smaller items like credit card, ID or cash for quicker access.


The color for the Kelly Pochette insert I have is called Whiskey. It has a more iridescent look than the Bordeaux insert. However, there are other colors options for the Kelly Pochette on the website as well and you can request a custom color.

See below pictures for the fit. No stress on the leather of the bag. This insert fits like a glove as well.


merandi bag insert for hermes kelly
merandi bag inserts

I am extremely grateful that I was able to try out these two Hermes bag inserts from Merandi. I am absolutely in love with them. After using these inserts for two weeks, I haven't noticed any cons to mention at all.

They fit the bags like a glove, without causing any stress to the leather which was a very important factor for me.

I want to also highlight that the price point for these inserts is very reasonable for the quality you are getting. The hardware and the material of the inserts feel absolutely luxurious.

merandi bag insert for hermes kelly
merandi bag inserts

Now every time I open my bags and see the rich bright red or iridescent green insert, I will be smiling.

Moving forward, I will only be purchasing Hermes bag inserts from Merandi.

Thank you so much, again to Merandi for sending me these beautiful inserts!

To support them and keep up with their newest releases, you can find them on IG @merandiworld as well as FB.

Merandi has provided a discount code for me to share with my audience to get 10% off your order. Use my code EDA10 when you check out to get the discount.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Follow @sippingmycosmo on IG and @starsmightalign on TikTok for more fashion & luxury lifestyle content.

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