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Very Honest Hermès Paris Loafer Review

Everyone needs a good pair of loafers in their closet as loafers are truly timeless and versatile shoes to have. You can style loafers during any season of the year and they go with many different outfits.

Today, we are talking about the luxurious Paris Loafers from Hermès. They come in many different color options and feature the iconic H buckle. Alright, let's dive right into pricing, comfort, functionality & more!


It essentially depends on the leather you chose but the goatskin pair I have (pictured above) currently retails for $1,050 whereas the calfskin pairs retail for around $1,150. The crocodile loafers can retail for up to $4,250.


It's a great pair to wear during spring/summer but also in the winter/fall with socks. Having owned them for 8 months now, I was able to wear them frequently with many different outfits during fall and spring.


I wouldn't say it's the most comfortable pair of shoes I have from Hermes. They're especially not made for walking for more than a few hours at a time. I think this is mainly because the pair I got is in goatskin so the leather is super soft and thin. You can almost feel each step you take. The pairs that come in calfskin are probably more comfortable.


They come in many colors and hardware but depends on the season and what's available at the moment. If you're into pastel tones, they have some amazing pastel purples, blues and pinks at the moment. They also come in different leathers such as goatskin, suede goatskin or crocodile.


In my experience, they run small. I'm glad I tried them on before buying at the store because I had to size up. I normally wear EU37 but had to get this pair in EU 38.5. If you're trying to style them with thick socks for winter time, I would recommend sizing up even a little bit more.


Goatskin leather is super soft so I think this adds to it, but the creasing in the front of the shoe happened the second I tried them on in the store. It doesn't bother me too much but this does make it look like I wore the pair more than I have. If you look at the pictures on top, you can see the creasing I am talking about. Other than that, I have not been able to see any wear so far. The buckles also still look brand new.


The pair I got was the last in that size in the US at the time but they got more shipment by now. These shoes do sell out fast online so I would suggest getting them as soon as you see them on the website or going into the boutique to request them.

Where to Purchase:

You can purchase these loafers on the online store or in any of the boutiques.

hermes gold paris loafers review


Okay, don't get me wrong. I do love this pair of loafers and I'm very glad I bought them. But, thinking back now after owning them for almost a year, I am not sure if I would purchase them again. This is mainly due to the comfort reasons. So in my experience, one pair of Paris loafers from Hermes is enough. But, this might not be the case for you if you like to wear loafers often.

Nevertheless, Hermes does make quite a variety of loafers and mules so I will definitely be checking other styles out too.

What do you think about loafers? Are they your style?

I hope this review was helpful. As always feel free to leave a comment or question below!

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